What is Safety Standdown?
Safety Standdown is Bombardier's non-commercial effort to promote the philosophy of knowledge-based training and personal discipline. This philosophy dramatically improves safety by combining skill-based training with knowledge-based training. This seminar is designed to initiate and sustain positive changes in behavior and cultural norms. The program was built on the premise of using only subject matter experts to present the seminar topics. Additionally, Safety Standdown is not aircraft or manufacturer specific. The information presented is applicable to any aircraft flown. The foundation of the seminar curriculum is based on Dr. Tony Kern's Airmanship Model. Safety Standdown is achieving its goals by stimulating and provoking a redirection of thinking which will ultimately improve situational awareness and judgment.

Why do we need this training?
For the past 30+ years this industry has trained its pilots on checkrides and systems in near exclusivity. Human factors, while well understood, are rarely taught. Since eight out of ten accidents are caused by human failure, not equipment failure, Safety Standdown provides critical information and training, which is directly related to human performance. Safety Standdown is designed to change the way you think about safety. Additionally, this seminar provides you with tools to improve risk mitigation, department procedures and processes, and give clear and distinct pathways for introspective analysis of your own professionalism.

Who profits from this seminar?
You the participants of Safety Standdown are who truly profit from this seminar. This seminar is a purely benevolent effort on the part of Bombardier. We on the Standdown Team are sincerely pleased to receive the support of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and enjoy the partnership of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), for the USA program and the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) as well as NBAA for the European program. Safety Standdown is a non-marketing event. There is nothing being sold and nothing to buy. The seminar is free of charge to all attendees.