Pre-owned CRJ100’s and CRJ200's converted into Special Freighters (SF)'s provide air freight operators the speed and on-time performance required to meet demand in a fast paced and highly competitive world of rapidly growing air freight industry. The conversion to SF is available via Aeronautical Engineers Inc. (AEI)’s STC.

The “Large Cargo Door” Conversion consists of the installation of a 94"x77" cargo door on the left side of the fuselage, installation of a 9G rigid cargo/smoke barrier and modification of the main deck to a Class E cargo compartment. After conversion the aircraft will have the capability to carry containerized and or bulk cargo up to 6.7 tons.

The CRJ100SF and CRJ200SF is based on the most successful regional jet program in history, giving operators "peace of mind" - easy to staff and support.

For further Inquiries, please contact:
Delio Petohleb
Director of Sales
Office: 416.373.5536
Email: delio.petohleb@aero.bombardier.com

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